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Various possibilities of Medicare Supplement Plans

You need Medicare Supplemental plans to cover up some of the holes in your Medicare plan. Regular Medicare plans do not cover everything. At your old age, you need not have to worry about these blank spaces in your medical insurance policy if you have the Medigap policy. You are eligible for the open enrolment if your age is sixty-five. You can opt for the following options while choosing a Medigap plan for insuring your health care:

  • Medicare Part A and Part B are provided by the government.
  • Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage.
  • Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage Plans. This plan is a combination of Part A and Part B plans along with some additional benefits.

Always remember, you cannot have both the Medigap Plans and the Medicare Advantage Plans. You can have only one plan at a time. You switch from one plan to another if you want. If you are a part of Plan C or Plan D, then at the end of the year you can change it. Check their websites and discuss with experts and experienced people to learn more about these kinds of schemes.

What should be your steps while enrolling for Medigap policies?

  1. At first you have to go to their web site and search for quotes related to Medicare Supplement Plans, and then you need to provide your name and a valid email address to get your quote from an insurance company. You will be able to compare and then choose from multiple sites containing similar kinds of quotes.
  2. After clicking on to a particular site you have to provide your personal information like name, phone number, email, address etc. Once you submit all the details, agents from the companies will start contacting and emailing you to sell various Medigap plans.

Once you provide your personal information and contact details, there is no coming back from it. Agents from different companies will start contacting telling how good and unique their scheme is. It is advised not to rely upon these agents completely. They are just lead sellers. They might not have the full knowledge about the schemes and might dupe into some scheme which is not at all suitable for you. These companies just collect you contact information and keep calling and mailing you regarding various schemes but might not actually help you understand your scheme. Do your own research and discuss with people who actually know about these Medicare Supplement Plans.

What is the best period for enrolling yourself in one of the Medicare supplement plans of 2018


Period for enrolling in Medicare supplement plans

This is a common question asked by several. However, it is open for about a period of six months and it also includes around 3 months after and before the birthday of the customer. These plans are highly beneficial for several senior people. It is very easy and affordable to buy the supplement plans in the enrollment duration period. However, you might not qualify for it if you are at the expiry of the 6 months’ enrollment period.

Age limit

Senior people who are well above the age of 65 are well qualifies for the Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan G. Other than health history other things will also be checked while enrolling for these supplements plans. However, it is not mandatory to answer any question related to health while enrolling. Medigap policies can be highly purchased by patients very easily. These coverages cannot be denied by the providers of insurance. You need d the application well before the 6 months’ enrollment period.

Guarantee period of eligibility

No worries if you are outside the 6 months’ enrollment period, you still have chance for enrolling yourself. If you are above 65+ age, then you can be offered with a proper Medicare supplement plan. But other additional benefits need to be purchased for instance Plan J and other several premium discounts whichever is available on the choice of your plan.

What are the benefits you get during enrollment?

At the time you enroll in a plan. You will get several supplement insurance providers with proper discounts that you get offered. In some cases, you can get discount up to 15 percent. For some of the consumers this can come off as a superb discount. However, even if you do not get this, throughout the years of the supplement plans you will get several benefits and supplement like Plan J, this is for those who has crossed the 3 months’ period after their birthday and still did not get enrolled.

Disability and open enrollment

If you meet certain guideline and certain criteria then you can easily get enrolled in one of the Medicare supplement plans, especially if you some kind of disability, then it is very easy to get enrolled in Medicare supplement plans 2018 in spite of not being above 65+ age criteria. However, it is always better to get enrolled in that 6 months opening period for enrolling yourself.